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Regal Billfold - Vintage Brown

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The Regal is our unisex billfold. The Regal has been designed and built to be the last billfold you'll likely ever need.

The Regal's outer shell is made from legendary Hermann Oak leather. Each billfold features a large bill pocket and four dedicated card pockets, capable of holding multiple cards in each pocket.

Each billfold has been designed, cut, stained, stitched, and finished entirely by hand using traditional old-world methods.

Each stain job is unique from the next. There will never be two identical Regal billfolds, ever. Stitching is done by hand in the saddle stitch method, using multi-strand waxed polyester thread for maximum strength. The edges are made smooth and sealed to a beautiful gloss that will prolong edge integrity and delay wear.

Each billfold is left unsealed to allow maximum aging and patina, however each piece receives a healthy treatment of oils and waxes to create a soft feel and satin sheen; as well as to have water resistant properties. (Please advise that no leather is completely water-proof, please exercise caution in wet conditions)

Made with pride in the USA with all American materials.

Item Specs:

Leather Type: 100% Vegetable Tanned
Weight: Light-Medium
Source/Tannery: USA via Hermann Oak, Horween, and/or Tasman/Acadia
Finish: Satin
Texture: Smooth
Edge Finish: Smoothed and sealed
Color: Natural, and varying brown tones
Stitch Type: Hand (saddle stitch)

***Price is for one (1) Regal billfold. Please note exact stain shades may have slight variations when viewing on different displays and shades will vary. No two Regals are alike.***