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Vertical Card Wallet - Raw Hermann Oak - 1776

Image of Vertical Card Wallet - Raw Hermann Oak - 1776
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After many requests, we are now offering our take on a traditional folding card wallet. This piece is made from 4/5 oz legendary Hermann Oak vegetable tanned leather. This leather is world renowned for it's quality, production methods, and of course the incredible patina it develops with age. Here are some words about this beautiful leather from our supplier:

"Since 1881, Hermann Oak has been tanning top-grain leather right here in Missouri. St. Louis-based, the company prides itself on its slow and careful tanning process. A process that produces the finest top-grain stamping and tooling leather in the world. The Hermann Oak name has become synonymous with high quality.
So, what makes Hermann Oak a cut above the rest? The answer starts with the tanning process. Notably, Hermann Oak vegetable tans its leather using a centuries-old process called Traditional Tanning. The coloring is natural, made from tree bark. Traditional Tanning works like a wood stain, preserving the natural look of the leather while adding depth to the color. Veg tan allows a leather crafter to do much more than chrome tanned leather. From tooling and stamping to molding, burnishing and patina, there are a variety of options.This time-honored method is especially great because of its influence on quality.

While this process is labor intensive and more expensive than other tanning methods, it produces leather that is dense, sturdy, holds its shape and is light-weight after oiling. While leather comes in many different grades, the quality is all about the tanning process. Hermann Oak's use of the pressed-yard traditional tanning method makes the quality of all of its pieces exactly the same. Hermann Oak's commitment to quality is exactly what has made it a household name for over a century! Many businesses use exclusively Hermann Oak leather because of its reliability and reputation."

This wallet features 4 card pockets inside and 2 flaps for folded cash, receipts, has been made entirely by hand. It has been saddle stitched by hand with Maine waxed cord. Edges have been burnished and sealed for a durable, firm, and beautiful finish. This small and stout piece will age and patina amazingly with use.

Please note that while this is a small piece and can be front pocket carried, we do not consider it "ultra minimal" due to the thickness of the leather. We recommend carrying 4-8 cards max in this wallet.

Proudly made in the USA.

**Photos are of the actual product you will receive.**